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A dummy’s guide to golf reopening in the UK

What do all these post-lockdown guidelines mean for you – the golfer? We’ve pulled out the dos and don’ts for you to stick to when we’re allowed to play again

There were three sets of guidelines issued last week by various governing and professional bodies about what will be different on golf reopening in the coming days or weeks – we still don’t know the date, remember.

First came the joint statement from the PGA, BGIA, BIGGA, GCMA, Foremost, TGI, and the UK Golf Federation, then the R&A released their version, followed later by England Golf’s guidance. It was a lot of information to take in in just one day.

And while my much more learned colleague Steve Carroll expertly pieced it all together, I went through it all and pulled out a handful of dos and don’ts for you – the golfer – to stick to when we eventually can get out and play again.

Golf reopening dos and don’ts: Pre-round

+ DO book your tee time online, or through whatever system your club decides to use

– DON’T forget to get changed into your golf attire at home and put your shoes on in the car

+ DO
eat before you get to the club – the kitchen won’t be open to make you a bacon roll, remember!

– DON’T arrive at the club earlier than 10-15 minutes prior to your tee time

+ DO wait your turn to go on the putting green – those next on the tee have priority

Golf reopening dos and don’ts: During the round

+ DO stay two metres apart at all time

– DON’T go onto the 1st tee until it is your time to play, ensuring 10-minute gaps between groups

+ DO follow any special routing laid out by your club

– DON’T play in groups of more than two

+ DO be respectful of the condition of the course – the greenkeeping staff have been under tremendous strain during the lockdown period

– DON’T touch anything other than your clubs and ball – this includes flagsticks, bunker rakes, ball washers, stakes, and your playing partner’s equipment

+ DO be careful of wandering towards an adjacent fairway and potentially other golfers in search of an errant drive

Golf reopening dos and don’ts: Post-round

+ DO mark and sign your own card – or follow whatever system your club decides to use

– DON’T shake hands or hang around after your round – head straight to your car

And most importantly…

+ DO play safe, stay safe.

Remember – stick to these rules, and golf reopening in full will happen quicker than you think.

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Source: National Club Golf