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Did you hear the one about the golfer who won the club medal by 26 shots?

The achievement has reignited the handicap debate

One club player may have just broken the record for the largest golf handicap cut in history after carding a net 37 in the Saturday medal over the bank holiday weekend.

The 54-handicap player, who we’ve not named for reasons we hope are obvious, shot 91 to win their division by 27 shots over a 19 handicapper who carded a solid round of 83 for a net 64 and a distant second place.

The next best score across the three divisions was a net 63.

The screenshot from How Did I Do? started to circulate on social media on Monday…

Now I’ve never been great at maths, but I make that 17 net eagles and a net albatross. Here’s what the gross breakdown looks like…

The achievement will once again reignite the debate about whether or not players with handicaps that high should be allowed to play in club competitions.

Under World Handicap System guidelines, golf clubs are permitted to set their own handicap limits for competitions.

National Club Golfer has contacted the club in question for comment. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know if you’ve found your handicap has been heavily cut

What are your thoughts on 54 handicap players being allowed to enter club competitions? Let us know in the comments section below, or you can tweet us.

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Source: National Club Golf