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Five reasons every golfer should consider CBD

There has been plenty of hype around CBD over the past year or so. Chances are, you’ve seen some of the headlines linking it to everything from celebrity beauty products to pet supplements that keep Labradors sprightly into old age. Neither of these connotations has an immediate connection with improving your golf game, but the thing about CBD is that it has so many uses for so many people (and indeed their dogs). Here, we run through five compelling reasons why anyone who spends time on the links should incorporate a little CBD into their daily routine. 

1. It eases the pain

Some of us might have more in common with those ageing Labradors than we’d care to admit. If you suffer from a few aches and pains after 18 holes, it’s definitely worth trying a CBD capsule or balm each day. We won’t go into a deep description of CBD and the science of how it works here, but suffice it to say it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic that will keep the game a pleasure, not an ordeal. 

2. It allows you to play more

Following on from the above, if you keep a lid on the inflammation and soreness, you’ll feel less need to take rest days in between rounds of golf. The net result is more time spent out on the links improving both your game and your general fitness. Just as important, it means less time sitting around the house looking miserable and getting in the way of your nearest and dearest.  

3. It helps you stay calm

CBD won’t get you high like some other cannabinoids, but it still has a psychological effect. It interacts with certain neural receptors to increase the flow of serotonin. This is the “happy” neurotransmitter that is associated with sunshine (seasonal affective disorder is primarily connected with lack of serotonin). It means you’ll feel relaxed out on the course, and helps you to overcome any nervous moments in a high pressure situation with others looking on.

4. It keeps you in balance on the road

Many golfers travel far and wide to pursue their passion. Flying or driving for hours on end plays havoc with your body’s natural rhythms and can throw your homeostasis or natural balance off kilter. CBD counters this effect, and several pros use CBD to keep jet lag, and perhaps even the effects of a few drinks in business class, at bay. 

5. It hones that killer focus

Again, this comes down to the science of neurotransmitters. As well as tuning up calmness and wellbeing, CBD has the effect of winding down counter-productive emotions like tiredness or worry. It means that from the first tee to the 18th green, your mind is firmly on the matter at hand. All the tribulations of the outside world will still be there when you return to the clubhouse. CBD helps you to leave them there and not be burdened with them as you go around the course.

Source: National Club Golf