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How are players adjusting their equipment with Covid-19 restrictions?

The PGA Tour stars are back on our screens but they’re not allowed in their equipment manufacturers’ trucks. Hannah Holden explains how it works and who’s making big changes

If you’re like me you probably spent most of Thursday evening glued to your TV screen as the PGA Tour resumed and brought with it some well-missed live professional sport.

While it was nice to get back to some sort of normality, we’re still not quite there yet, of course.

Behind the scenes manufacturers have had to make changes, meaning the stars can’t just pop in and out of the tour trucks as they please anymore.

There are currently no players allowed on the manufacturers’ tour trucks, so any new kit or clubs that need tweaking have to go through special drop-off zones where they are sanitised following each interaction.

Club fittings are still taking place but only in designated zones with face coverings worn at all times. Each player has a pass allowing one guest on the range at any one time, be this their coach or an equipment rep.

This hasn’t stopped the pros tweaking their gear though.

A quick glance at the top of the leaderboard shows the difference a big equipment change has made to Justin Rose’s game. In his first round since officially splitting with Honma Rose was back to old ways firing a bogey-free 63.

After a quick fitting Rory McIlroy has made some small tweaks to his setup, swapping his SIM driver head for a SIM Max to increase his spin numbers back into his optimal range.

As you can imagine lots of players needed new wedges after the lay-off. Jon Rahm was one of them but this time he couldn’t sit and watch as the tour team checked his loft, lies, and swing weights. The rest of his clubs stayed the same but he did have a fresh set of grips as well as having a full assessment of his clubs to make sure the loft and lies hadn’t been knocked out of place during lockdown.

Perhaps the most obvious equipment change came from Dustin Johnson and it was no surprise at all that it comes in the form of a new putter.

The greens at Colonial are actually slightly slower than usual tour conditions due to Covid-19 restrictions not giving them their usual months of preparation. DJ felt the Truss TM1 putter helped him keep the ball on line as a result.

equipment changes

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Source: National Club Golf