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Koepka throws down left-handed gauntlet to Fowler and JT

And yes, his numbers are ridiculous

With no live golf to enjoy, Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas have been entertaining the world with their antics these past few days. It started with a friendly match at Michael Jordan’s golf club that saw Fowler almost shoot 59, and culminated in a left-handed duel between the two. (Spoiler alert: They’re good at it.) And now it seems Brooks Koepka is feeling a little left out…

The four-time major champion was filmed by his coach, Claude Harmon III, hitting some lefties and, well, judge for yourself…

Just the 194 yards with an 8-iron.

You think that’s impressive, Brooksy then took out the big dog…

Yep. Two hundred and ninety three yards. Left-handed. How many times do you reckon you’ve driven it 294 yards? Downwind on a links course? Maybe it caught a path on the way…

If you’re at the range this weekend and have access to a left-handed driver, we would love to see your clips. Send them over to us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Source: National Club Golf