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PGA Golf DFS: How To Play Fantasy Golf

Playing in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)  is fun and challenging at the same time. For some players who want to make this into a pastime, profit is not a priority. However, for people who see this as a business, earning huge amounts of money is possible. These people allot around 8-1o hours a day, just like a full-time job, to make sure they come up with the best bets in town. 

DFS Golf is one of the most popular sports that you can play via fantasy games. In fact, the PGA Championship took place last August 6-9, 2020, which carries a lot of fantasy games. For those bettors who still want to earn more by playing DFS Golf, the Wyndham Championship will happen on August 13-16, 2020, at Sedgefield Country Club. 

While playing DFS Golf is exciting, like other fantasy sports, there’s a lot of homework to do. From the varying rules of your dedicated sportsbook to creating winning entries, you must know all the processes before you play. To get you guided, here are some simple ways on how to start playing DFS Golf. 

Line Up Building Must Come Solid 

It might be the most challenging task, but creating a stable lineup is the main requirement for DFS Golf. For common sportsbooks, they usually allow you to find six players as part of your lineup with a solid salary cap set. These salaries are divided into the six players, but it depends on what kind of salary allocation you deploy to each golfer.

There are two types of salary allocation you can give to your players. The first one is giving an even and average amount across all golfers. The other one is by making value picks where you choose a superstar player to earn more, while the remaining five will receive the typical salary range. The decision is up to you which player is going to be the top earner. 

You might be wondering: how do you determine the best player to receive a greater salary cap or the golfer that should be part of your roster? You can refer to the current DFS golf rankings, where it names the golfer with the most current wins. Besides that, you can also research their previous games, achievements, and how they have been doing in the past tournaments. 

Picking The Right Contest Has a Big Influence 

One thing in common that DFS games have is the contest classification you can enter. These are between the Cash Games and the Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP). For cash games, these are easier DFS, where you can challenge other bettors via head to head. However, for GPP, this is a bigger tournament where you compete between pro and newbie bettors with a massive prize at stake. 

If you want to get more profit by playing DFS Golf, start with cash games. You can play this anytime, albeit with a lower budget. The winning rate can be at 70% as long as you have solid players in your lineup. Although GPP is bigger than cash games, you’ll compete with many players for the prize pool, and once you win, your share might be around 20% only. 

Aside from that, when you play with head to head or cash games, you can compete with the players that have a lower DFS games experience. It will give you a better opportunity to take a step ahead of your game. Also, cash games are full of newbie players, so there is a little chance of getting screwed up by those pro-DFS bettors. 

Checking The Player’s Contest Schedule Is A Must 

The significant thing about golf is that the players are typically freelancers, and they play via sponsorship. It is not the same with other sports where players are contracted for a specific period to play in a team. Golfers are being offered to play, depending on the type of sponsorship they get in the tournament they will be participating in. 

In this case, you should be aware of the golfers’ schedule, especially when it comes to DFS. Their playing time can change up to the last minute of the game. They decide for themselves whether they are playing or backing out of the tournament. By checking their scheduled live games from time to time, you can ensure that they will not skip any games that can affect your DFS Golf plays. 


The most important part of playing PGA DFS is having fun. Do not be disappointed when you regularly lose or get too overwhelmed when you win. To achieve this fun, you only need to familiarize how this game is played and bet accordingly. By creating a solid lineup, selecting the right contest, and recording each player’s schedule, you can surely enjoy betting and playing DFS Golf.

Source: National Club Golf