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REVIEW – adidas Frostguard jacket

The cold weather is already upon us and there is nothing worse than
feeling chilled to the bone when you step onto the first tee.

adidas wants to give you and golfers everywhere one less reason to stay indoors during the winter months.

Frostguard is built specifically to perform in the toughest of conditions so that you can simply focus on your game.

In order to provide you with the warmth you need in the coldest temperatures, without sacrificng feedom of movement, adidas incorporated down-filled panels on the front and back body of the Frostguard jacket to keep you warm where it matters most.

For more information on the construction of the jacket click here.

You want a garment that will not only keep you warm for the duration of your round but also one that doesn’t weigh you down.

The Frostguard jacket is the perfect solution. The incredible warmth it
provides is fantastic for even the coldest of conditions, while its
clever construction keeps you mobile and offers zero restrictions
throughout the swing.

So, when the temperatures start to drop
over the course of the next few months you might want to think about
investing in this stylish garment if you plan to continue shooting some
low scores throughout the winter.

Available: Now
Prices: Men’s –Jacket £129.95 – Jacket £109.95, Women’s £89.95

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