Win: A Vice Pure glove

The Vice PURE glove is a pure lamb leather glove in antarctic white with a dip of cool grey. The aim was to manufacture a butter soft premium leather glove which allows for maximum feel, control and performance without a premium price tag. At GBP 12.99 per glove, this mission has been completed, in combination with outstanding feedback and international awards, this mission has clearly been a successful one.

The Vice PURE glove is handcrafted from the world’s finest and most technologically advanced gloving lamb leathers. Amazingly soft and supple, perfect grip and the purest feel you can get. It feels almost like nothing on. All of this guarantees ultimate control for the best golf performance ever.

The Vice PURE enables the golfer to play their best with the highest quality leather providing unmatched benefits:

– Lightweight construction maximizes sensitivity for heightened performance

– Quality manufacturing process ensures outstanding durability and strength

– Inbuilt flexibility ensures the highest level of comfort

– Lamb leather retains its shape and softness providing the golfer ultimate performance round after round

– Maximized grip

For more information visit the Vice website.

Source: National Club Golf